Concluding remarks

The challenges in strengthening competences for a democratic culture are manifold. This handbook is intended to be an initial guide for dealing with the topic in the context of social work and youth work. It is a start for further necessary research, testing and evaluation. The RFCDC, developed in 2017, is a recent tool that can be used in different areas of formal and non-formal education, but always needs further development. In this context, exchange with the target group is of central importance. In the future, a participatory approach should make it possible to involve social and youth workers as well as young people themselves in the further discussion about the needs and possibilities of strengthening their resilience against anti-democratic phenomena. Regular exchange among different actors is just as important as building mutual trust and paying special attention to vulnerable or structurally disadvantaged groups. There is much to do. The solution cannot be found in educational issues alone. It is also and above all a matter of combating structural inequalities, making democracy more inclusive and representative, enabling equal opportunities, institutionalising participatory dialogue forums and strengthening democratic skills.


Additional sources of information: Educational and teaching materials for those who want to find out more (in English)

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